Use Vyew to cut 10-25 days from your lead-to-cash cycle...

…and put more money in the bank, sooner!

Global Customer and Supplier Account Managers

Are you in charge of managing global sales and supplier accounts?

Are you frustrated by endless cycles of emails and late-night phone calls needed to close a sale? Build it to order? Get it delivered?

Do you believe that a collaboration system must exist which can speed your process of managing international deals?
Would it delight you to know how Vyew Engagement Workspaces provide a simple, low cost, and proven way to manage all the messy parts* of customer engagements?

*Emails, lost attachments, prohibited file size, isolated meeting notes, outdated document versions

Your Personal Invitation

Hello, my name is Michael Moon. I’m the Director of Customer Engagement at Vyew, the Silicon Valley-based developer of Engagement Workspaces.

If you give me a few moments, you will discover how our always-on engagement workspaces can cut 20 percent of the time in what we call this the “lead to cash” cycle.
A lead-to-cash cycle includes the time and resources it takes to qualify a sales lead, make a proposal, close a deal, build it to order, and deliver a billable project or completed order.

I can show you how small efficiency gains in your sales and service operations can really add up to huge time savings…and even better, incremental sales and profit.

How much more?
$70,000,000 annual revenues
÷ 245 business days/year

$285,714 daily average revenue
x 9-day cycle-time gain

$2.57M incremental revenue

additional first-year profit*
*from existing sales pipeline
Vyew Engagement Workspaces can add the equivalent 5 to 15 revenue-producing days to your fiscal year.

For a firm with $70 USD million in sales, Vyew Engagement Workspaces can unlock $2 to $3 million in sales—deals from next year’s sales pipeline that you can covert into contracts this year.

How many more sales could you book?

How many more contracts could you deliver?

Enough to bust your quota and earn a bonus?

Take the Vyew Challenge

Sign up for a free private briefing. We can discuss your situation and how Vyew might speed your Lead-to-cash Cycle.

If you qualify, our consultants can set-up your sales and service operations at a fraction of the cost that you expect to pay.

Free Personal Briefing

Ask Michael Moon to set-up a free user account for you and your team and at pre-scheduled time personally…

  • Demonstrate how Vyew speeds international, multi-lingual revenue streams.
  • Show you how DAHON uses Vyew to reduce sales cycles and build-to-order processes.
  • Build embedded “as-you-work” standard operating procedures (SOPs) for marketing, sales, and offshore manufacturing?
  • Explain how to get a 60-day free trial account and workflow assessment (for qualified candidates).


Want More Proof?

Dahon Bikes, one of our customers and the world’s largest manufacturers of foldable bicycles, cut their Lead-to-Cash cycle by 12 percent.

Always innovative and a certified ISO 9001 firm, Dahon embedded standard operating procedures (SOP) and work instructions right into the daily activity flows of marketing, sales, customer service, and short-run manufacturing.

Here.s what Dahon executives say

“At a strategic level, Engagement Workspaces by Vyew enables us to drive greater accountability and transparency down to each account and vendor manager and into each business transaction.”

Dr. David Hon
, Chairman and CEO, Dahon Bikes

“Engagement Workspaces by Vyew makes a perfect companion to our SAP R/3 workflows and international operations.

“We use Vyew to quickly assemble all of the needed sales and ordering documentation in personalized standard operating procedures for each customer or supplier workflow.

“Vyew enables our staff (and if needed, supervisors) to discuss and collaborate with the customer and related suppliers, assign and complete tasks, get approvals in record time, and make a full recording of the entire stream of decisions and transactions.

“We have eliminated the largest source of waste in firm: time delays in getting work in process reviewed and approved.”

Joan, Director of Operations, Dahon Bikes

“Having used Engagement Workspaces by Vyew for over a year, I cannot imagine running Dahon without it.

“Our sales process begins at tradeshows. We use Vyew and a Samsung tablet to walk each prospect through a virtual showroom.

.We create a virtual showroom for each prospect. They pick which models to discuss in a follow-up webconference.

.On their own, sales prospects tag which items that they want to discuss, add their photos documents, and post questions for us to answer.

.We pass that marked-up showroom to appropriate sales rep or partner. They take if from there.

.Anytime that a rep gets stuck or needs an approval, a supervisor or higher is just one click away for an instant side-bar discussion or a tagged assignment for later explanation or approval.

“Engagement Workspaces by Vyew enable me to get a summary snapshot of each and every active account, see any or all the activities as they are happening, and jump in when and where I can make a difference.”

Eddie Eccleston
, Dahon Global Marketing and Sales Director, Dahon Bikes

Take The Next Step

“Go and see for your self” how Dahon uses Engagement Worspaces.

In the free briefing with Michael Moon, he will:

  • Demonstrate how Vyew speeds all five phases of Lead-to-Cash Cycle for global customer and supplier account management
  • Show you how DAHON uses Vyew to reduce lead qualification, complex order placement, and build-to-order-processes
  • Build embedded “transactional” standard operating procedures for your marketing, sales, and offshore manufacturing
  • Explain how to get a 60-day free trial account and workflow assessment (for qualified candidates)